National Lampoon’s One, Two, Many epitomizes the very worst of movies marketed towards young adults – and by young adults, I, of course, mean frat boys. The first five minutes of the film gives you the plot, a look at the character’s backstory, the inevitable solution to his problem, as well as some general bigoted remarks, before finally flashing us some uncovered breasts. At that point, you might as well turn the movie off because you’ve gotten everything it’s going to give you.

For those who care, the movie is written, produced and starring the formerly “Stuttering” John Melendez of Howard Stern fame, though I couldn’t help but think that the role would have been better pulled off by Andrew “Dice” Clay. Anyway, he’s trying to find the right girl to love, but there’s one catch: she’s got to be into threesomes.

He eventually finds her, but has to make the choice between pursuing threesomes forever and the woman of his dreams. Rosemary’s Baby it ain’t.

Grade: F

One, Two, Many is currently available.