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Good-bye and Thank You, Ms. Okra, with Gracious Appreciation

We were in the front on her apartment, ready to end what was a really solid first date. We started out with a standard peck that led to a more involved kiss. This was great, or so I thought. Much to my significant disappointment, she was the most horrible kisser that I had ever encountered. While our lips were locked, I was screaming in my head, “Oh no! This can’t be happening! This is totally gross!” It was like kissing a bucket of okra. My grandmother used to make okra for my grandfather during lunch. I thought that it was slimy and gross then, and my opinion of okra hadn’t changed. It was the messiest and gooiest kiss I had ever shared up to that point, and it remains the worst kiss I’ve ever experienced. I knew that there was no way to get over the “gross out” factor.

After I figuratively wiped my face, we said good night. We exchanged courteous smiles, and the evening was done. On that bumpy ride home to my apartment in that New York City cab, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I felt as though I needed to brush my teeth and gargle with the strongest mouthwash money could buy after doing the tonsil cha-cha with a bucket of okra; on the other hand, I was really grateful to that woman for taking a chance on me. She helped me gain some confidence in Internet dating. This experience was the start of an odyssey that would last over six years.

Of course, I was never going to see her again. Well, that is the nature of dating, isn’t it? Someone might be a nice person initially, and then, after spending a bit more time together, you realize that maybe you are not the best match for each other. This will be the case for you too, so don’t be bummed about it when it happens. Even though the evening ended in a tragic exchange of bodily fluids, there was some solace for me. She was my first. They say that people never forget their first of anything. I won’t forget her either. Thank you, Ms. Okra.

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