Like an issue of Nylon magazine, Play is a book dedicated to the most fashionable of women and the men who support them, aesthetically pleasing to a rock ’n’ roll degree and focused on hipster favorites of the music world.

Play is ultimately a guide to female music icons, but also features current musicians’ influences and dream mixtapes, concert posters and fans’ favorite style icons. It’s for today’s indie princess, with tips on which songs to download or seek out on YouTube, as well as suggestions for imitating your favorite female rocker, like Bumble and Bumble’s brown hair powder: “for when you’re just too rock ’n’ roll to shampoo.”

What this guide’s got going is its collection of informative facts – who knew that Pat Benatar had a four-octave voice, that Kim Deal was the only prospect at a Pixies audition (and had no prior bass knowledge) or that Tappi Tikarass, the name of Björk’s pre-Sugarcubes band, translates to “cork the bitch’s ass” in Icelandic?

But for such an attempt at empowering women and showing girls that they, too, can be the next Moe Tucker, Tanya Donelly or Justine Frischmann, it’s a bit pathetic to be spoon-fed notes like, “If you want to be totally Ari-Up, pair a punky plaid miniskirt with huge scary dreadlocks.” This one’s got “marketing” written all over it.

Grade: B-

Play: The Nylon Book of Music will be available April 29.