Ever heard of the Ultimate Trainer? Maybe you have, but you probably haven’t heard of the most recent Ultimate Trainer who’s taking athletes who are barely performing up to par and transforming them into competitive, high performing machines.

Born and raised in Santa Monica, and now a resident of the South Bay, Nick Nevarez is an athletic trainer who helps collegiate athletes reach higher levels of performance, whether it’s through recovery from a bad injury or simply training from the ground up. Nevarez is making leaps and bounds with a variety of clients from around Los Angeles.

From grommethood through his years studying kinesiology at UCLA, Nevarez has always taken an interest in understanding the body and learning how to better improve one’s performance through specific training techniques. The secret ingredient to Nevarez’s growing success and popularity could not be simpler: the physio ball, also known as the stability ball, engages the body’s core muscle groups like no other.

This is Nevarez’s current mission statement: “Ultimate Trainer’s sole purpose is to educate each client about his or her own biological and physiological processes in order to obtain optimal health. Health and wellness, and the absence of disease are my first priorities as they should be everyone’s ... Through years of studying human cells and human physiology on how to get the body to work at an optimal level, Ultimate Trainer’s goal, to each and every client, is to use a reductionistic and holistic approach on finding the ultimate fitness recipe for each individual’s bio-chemistry and physiology type.”

What made you want to become a fitness guru in the first place?

Growing up I was a competitive surfer and therefore always had an obsessive interest in how to maintain peak physical health so I could compete at the highest level possible. Good health is everything to an individual, and maintaining good health is even more crucial if one intends to continue to perform at one’s highest actual potential. Thus, I studied movement and cell biology in order to further my understanding on how to attain peak performance.

Explain the importance of movement?

Movement is everything! Movement is the basis of life, and movement is what makes people healthy. By learning and maintaining correct movement, whether it is through a slight revision on how a person holds oneself and walks to how a person executes a push up, it all adds up and makes a difference.

How significant is diet in your mind and your clients’ programs?

Diet is just as much a factor as movement, if not more. ‘You are what you eat’ is probably the most underrated saying of all time. Anybody who does not adhere to that saying yet has fitness goals is a naïve hypocrite.

It may sound harsh, but diet, in the end, will determine whether or not you break your personal records and achieve your physical goals. I drill my clients on their diets every time I meet with them to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth.

Do you have a website or contact information from where you can be reached easily?

I expect to have a Web site up and running by May 1 and currently can be reached via e-mail at hydro-kinetics@hotmail.com.