Finding genuine, authentic Vintage clothing these days in Los Angeles can be a tricky thing – just like finding genuine, authentic people can be tricky. Most times, traveling to all the known hot spots for vintage stuff only disappoints with overpriced clothes, questionable vintage–ness of the clothes (most garments made in the past decade were made to look vintage, yet aren’t really vintage), not to mention the cooler-than-thou attitude you get from a lot of the salespeople that work at these stores.

Fortunately, in Venice Beach, there’s Gotta Have It!, a unique vintage store that has been providing clothing, artwork and accessories to those lucky enough to come in for over 16 years. That many years in business alone should let you know it’s the real deal, but the inventory of the pieces found in store, spanning seven decades of fashion, tells you that no matter which era you feel like wearing, you’ll no doubt be in style today.

With unbeatable prices, Gotta Have It! earns the exclamation mark at the end of its name because costumers are excited to find such great frocks at such great prices. If all of this isn’t enough, the owner, Denise, with her British accent, warm smile, unpretentious knowledge of fashion and stories of the store, as well as Venice, makes it all a pleasant surprise while shopping her store. She keeps it real.

It’s nice to find all of that genuineness and authenticity under one roof. That’s why we all Gotta Have It!

For more information, call (310) 392-5949.