As summer draws near, it’s time to spread our wings and stretch our imagination to new lengths and heights with different shapes, colors, sizes and ... sunglasses.

All sunglasses by A.J. Morgan ( For more information, e-mail

Clockwise from top right:

Fly away: Sasha wears a dress by Empress.

Connect the dots: Corrie wears a dress by H&M.

Window to the soul: Jen wears a Unyx hooded top.

Stretch it to the limit: Nina wears a vintage Esprit skirt with Cobalt jewelry and scarf.

Floral freedom: Nina wears a floral top by 7th Heaven and an American Apparel headband.

Between the lines: Laci wears an H&M dress with a Sushi Co. necklace.

Fit to be square: Sasha wears a dress by Lush.

There’s a world outside: Amanda wears a Punch & Judy top with a LeCross skirt and Vintage Antiger bag.