This album is a tribute to the late jazz great Miles Davis, who first experimented with Indian music by using sitar and tabla drums on his 1972 release, On the Corner. Put together by a passel of Indian musicians and a group of Davis band alumni that includes bassist Ron Carter, pianist Chick Corea, drummer Jimmy Cobb and guitarist Pete Cosey, Miles from India vastly expands on those explorations.

On some songs the results are stunning. “Blue On Green” begins with wordless vocals sung by Shankar Mahadevan but they give way to a guitar jam that leads into a trumpet and violin frenzy and eventually all of the sounds combine to finish the song. “Great Expectations” moves along to a spy vs. spy beat with trumpet and sitar overlays but it also includes a brief, very quiet piano interlude.

Much of this project is done in a fusion style that recalls the early work of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, no surprise since Mahavishnu guitarist John McLaughlin is on board including as composer of the title song.

Grade: A

Miles from India is currently available.