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Putters do it better in the dark! Putter on into The Putting Edge, Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf, and the fabulous wild neon colors and scenery make your acquaintance. You don’t need to adjust your eyes, because what you see is what you get along with a whole lot of fun. Psychedelic and groovy, man! No, you’re not hallucinating. The miniature golf course is inside this wild dark space and everything glows in the dark – the course, outrageous artistic backdrops, balls, golf clubs, sights, the scorecard, and soon after being there, you will also be aglow.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like miniature golf? It’s one of life’s favorite pastimes. The Putting Edge is the newest escapade in town and you are lucky. Open only a short time, it’s setting miniature golf on its ear.

We’ve never seen anything like it before. This is such a blast, just as much fun as you used to have playing miniature golf, but super cool and much more electrifying. Bring your honey or come with friends – this is a new nightlife adventure. Wait until you start the glow-in-the-dark course, a kaleidoscope of eye-catching hues and tints, an arena of stimulation in exotic painted scenes. You may have to rethink how you play the game with all the unique lighting and eye-popping visuals.

Along with the miniature golf are video games, air hockey tables, and a super store where everything – you guessed it – glows. Putting Edge is a also a fantastic place to throw a party. Either reserve one of the rooms for food, cakes, party favors, etc., or think big and take over the whole place with private caterers, bar, the works.

Putting Edge first opened in Toronto in 1995 and are becoming increasingly more popular. So as they say in the golf world, "Fore!" and let’s start playing.

The Southern California location is at the Promenade at Howard Hughes, 6081 Center Dr., Westchester, (310) 348-9770. Other California locations include San Jose at 125 Great Mall Dr., Milpetas, (408) 262-0600, with several others dotted around the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit www.putting-edge.com.

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