Boy-girl duos are as common as your generic douche bag rock stars, but Crystal Castles tops them all. Electro punk has been reinvented thanks to this ultra-hip duo, whose sound blasts through with nostalgic Atari-era noise.

Los Angeles was definitely well represented with an all-star lineup of some of the city’s soon-to-be superstars. IHEARTCOMIX darlings Acid Girls, dubbed one of the best live acts in Los Angeles today, set the stage for a late-night rager with a mix of headbanging electro. Too bad they had such an early set time, though.

Skeet Skeet killed the outdoor dance patio with his signature mash-ups that always carry a surprisingly guilty pleasure. Still, Crystal Castles drunkenly owned the night, as vocalist Alice Glass hopped around the main stage in a spastic tantrum that was probably set off by the bright, blinding strobe lights that could give any healthy person a seizure.