I cried at least five times tonight. The first was when Mary sang, belted, screamed and cried (yeah … she, too) out the lyrics to “No More Drama.” Mary looked so beautiful as she strutted around the stage, breaking into her cute, trademark Mary-jigs.

As she ran through her hits we saw the evolution of an artist and a woman. She spoke directly to the ladies when she assured them they were worth all the money their men spend on them – a lesson that was hard for Blige to learn herself.

As Blige’s set came to an exhilarating end, a film clip went up on the big screen of Blige and Jay-Z sitting side by side, explaining why each is so awesome. Jay-Z extolled Blige’s maturation as an artist and big upped her as a round-the-way girl the guys could really talk to in the hood, while Blige boasted about Jay-Z’s Brooklyn swagger, stating, “He’s the truth.”

And then, out came Jigga and his BK swagger. Every Hov song is a classic. It’s as if he took Brooklyn hip-hop and made it a household name. Over the next hour-plus, I cried upon hearing “Big Pimpin,’” “Jigga What” and so many more.

The only surprise guest was, of course, Memphis Bleek and a picture of Barack Obama on the big screen that followed an image of Bush that the crowd flipped off. The finalé was pure heaven as Blige and Jay-Z came out together for two encores, including “Heart of the City” (the name of their current tour) complete with fireworks and one last tear-shedding.