A spin-off featuring the H.G. Wells-inspired side characters who originated in Swamp Thing, The Un-Men, Dr. Arcane’s genetically altered mutants, take center stage in this book, having created their own government reservation style city/theme park where Normals can come and gawk at them.

When one of the citizens/attractions winds up dead, the government sends agent Kilcrop to investigate. His search leads him to the corporate headquarters, its ominous two-headed CEO and the demigod Dr. Von Schadel who control the city.

Like an episode of “The X-Files” without any of the mystery, writer John Whalen can’t really find a narrative to fit the premise, and the story never really leaves the ground, despite containing some very interesting elements, such as a satirical subplot about an upcoming reality show, “American Freaks.”

Introduction by creator Len Wein.

Grade: C

The Un-Men: Get Your Freak On is currently available.