Volume two of Ben Templesmith’s series finds the Gentleman Corpse infected by a leprechaun bite. Now with his cyborg sidekick (with newly installed genitalia) and his Guardian, he must travel to Leprechaunia to find the Queen leprechaun.

As usual, Templesmith’s art is great to look at, but this corpse doesn’t smell quite as fresh as it did the first time around. Many of the same tropes are rehashed here, with fewer jokes.

We already met the grotesque leprechauns in volume one, so a whole planet of slobbering carbon copies doesn’t really pay off as it should. However, we are introduced to the Brothers Calamari, inter-dimensional planet harvesters, who promise to play a bigger role as Wormwood’s nemesis in the next installment.

Grade: B

Wormwood Volume 2: It Only Hurts When I Pee is currently available.