The lives of 252 young men were changed this weekend, as 32 NFL teams selected players in this year’s draft and many dreams became reality. Jake Long started things off, going to the Miami Dolphins with the first overall pick, and Chris Long (no relation) followed closely behind to the St. Louis Rams at No. 2.

Like most drafts, there were good picks and bad. There were teams grasping at straws, and teams making late round steals; Most teams just fell somewhere in the middle.

Three Winners of the Weekend:

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs chose early and often, getting what many assumed was the best player in the draft in LSU’s defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. They also added cornerbacks Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr to shore up their holes in the secondary and were lucky enough to have Texas running back Jamaal Charles fall to them in the third round.

Dallas Cowboys: Not that they needed much help with a record number of Pro-Bowlers returning from last season, but the Cowboys strengthened their running game and will look to provide a one-two punch with Arkansas running back Felix Jones joining Marion Barber in the backfield. They also addressed their biggest hole at cornerback with Mike Jenkins out of South Florida.

Atlanta Falcons: Boston College Quarterback Matt Ryan should do as much off the field to help the image of the troubled Falcons as he’ll do on the field to help solidify the changing role at QB, which saw three different starters for the Falcons last year. Like Kansas City, the Falcons used a great deal of picks to help the numerous holes on both sides of the ball. A good start to a big rebuild for the Falcons.

Three Losers of the Weekend:

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags traded too much for too little when they moved up to get Derrick Harvey out of Florida, who would have likely been available at their original position 20 spots later. They gave up three late rounders for the eighth overall pick and didn’t address nearly enough needs because of their lack of choices, which is especially unfortunate since they play in the AFC South, considered by many to be the toughest division in football.

BCleveland Browns: While the choices they made were good ones, such as UNLV linebacker Beau Bell, the fact that they didn’t have a pick in the first three rounds meant that the talent pool was a bit shallow by the time they had a turn. An excellent off-season in free agency should help turn them into a playoff team this season, but you can’t build from the ground up without early round draft picks.

Tennessee Titans: While Tennessee might have made one of the best defenses in football that much better by drafting defensive end Jason Jones, a team that can’t catch won’t be making much noise come next season. The Titans didn’t address their huge hole at wide receiver until the fourth round, and then, could only get Cal’s Lavelle Hawkins, who is too small and slow to contribute in any major way.