Elvin Estela’s (a.k.a. DJ Nobody) latest brainchild, Nobody Presents Blank Blue: Western Water Music Vol. II is the official follow up to Pacific Drift: Western Water Music Vol. I. Vol. II takes an apocalyptic view into the future where most of the West Coast is ravaged by an earthquake and subsequently crumbles into the ocean.

Many lives are lost, and during the turmoil, poisonous mushrooms mix with the ocean water. Those lucky enough to survive the earthquake eventually sink into the ocean as the unstable land beneath them crumbles. Humans who plunge into the poisonous water suddenly realize they are able to breathe underwater and interact with sea life. The novel concept is carried out by various points of view, including a psychic fish that’s able to warn people in danger through their dreams.

Estela got his inspiration for the album from a series of nightmares he had about earthquakes. He turned his fears into lyrics, and those lyrics have become the story from which his beats revolve around.

Accompanied by the beautiful stylings and resonating voice of singer Niki Randa, the sounds and textures take this album where few concept albums have gone before: songs that the casual listener can relate to without having to know any backstory.

Estela understands the difficulty of executing a concept album without alienating the masses.

“I told an explicit story that’s open to interpretation,” he explains.

What sets this album apart from any other concept album is not only the subject matter and the unique beats laid down on each track, but the fact that the music drives the concept rather than the lyrics.

“Each song is one chapter of the story,” explains Estela.

It was very important to Estela to not “glue” the songs together thereby forcing the listener to sequentially listen to the album to understand it. He wants the listener to have the freedom to enjoy the tracks in any way they deem fit.

All the songs are written in such a manner that you can understand what is going on without having to reference any liner notes or ask other fans on MySpace. Estela feels that the music is more important to the concept than the lyrics.

Hip-hop rhythms such as drum and bass beats, and work done by the late J. Dilla influenced Estela’s quest for the perfect beat. He blended his hip-hop influences with his love for ’60s psychedelia and early progressive rock. Bands like the Byrds, the Poppy Family, Portishead and the Mars Volta have also been key influences for Estela.

Randa’s eloquent voice complements the textures and melodies in songs like, “In the Swim” and “All the Shallow Deep,” a song which was part of the Ubiquity Records compilation album, From L.A. with Love.

Estela’s collaboration with Randa began when they met at an indie record shop in Long Beach in 2001, while he was searching for the right singer for one of his projects. Estela intends for Randa to continue being his collaborator on future projects such as the sequel to Western Water Music Vol. II.

For now, Estela plans to take Blank Blue on the road in July. He continues to play local gigs under the banner of Low End Theory every Wednesday night at the Airliner.

Nobody Presents Blank Blue: Western Water Music Vol. II is currently available. Blank Blue will perform May 7 at Low End Theory at the Airliner located at 2419 N. Broadway, Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/blankblue.