Imagine the Beach Boys and the Kinks teaming up with Daft Punk and Beck for a psychedelic summer romp, and you’ll peg down Jim Noir’s self-titled album. It’s electronica for the mod set, classic melodies shined up and revamped for the space age.

Sixties nostalgia minus the camp factor is hard to come by these days, but Noir manages to serve up a fine feast of perfectly charming pop melodies, a steady stream of hits awash on rich and melancholy vocal harmonies. From the classic R&B jive of “What U Gonna Do” to the dreamy “Happy Day Today” to the rock brilliance of “Look Around You,” Jim Noir is a delight from start to finish.

Wistful jewels like “A Different Shelf” leave the listener thinking not that this sound is outdated, but rather that it’s sorely missed. This is one hell of a stunning debut.

Grade: A

Jim Noir is currently available.