Some might call Trent Reznor’s latest release ambient. No, he’s not gone ambient techno by any means. I’m talking ambient a la Brian Eno or Holger Czukay.

But chill-out music this is not. Although it does offer up its share of moments of strange beauty, too much of it is unsettling to make anyone bliss out.

Ghost I-IV is 36 tracks of experimental music churned out over the course of 10 days by Reznor and Nine Inch Nails fixture Atticus Ross. Guests Adrian Belew, Alessandro Cortini and Brian Viglione also lend a hand on this labyrinthine amalgam of sounds.

It’s difficult to make an album of ambient instrumentals interesting for an EP worth of tracks, let alone 36. That is the genius of Ghosts I-IV. It actually compels the listener to ride its building wave from start to finish, never considering bailing out half way. All the while, it’s un-mistakably Nine Inch Nails, albeit a smoldering, festering version thereof.

Grade: B+

Ghosts I-IV is currently available.