When AIMEE, a man-made artificial intelligence, becomes enamored of doctor/poet Dr. Peter Lee (Lanny Joon), science fiction and slam poetry collide in Nic Cha Kim’s 'Trapezoid.' We’ve seen it all before. An artificial construct falls for its creator. The idea is as old as "Pygmalion and Galatea," but the slam poetry is a notable twist.

Though the plot is hackneyed, the performers are engaging, especially Joon. He’s the charismatic lead of an entirely Asian-American cast.

There are elements of this performance that are unintentionally funny. Like when the scientists are thrown around the room by waves of invisible force emanating from AIMEE, reminiscent of old “Star Trek” episodes when the crew is jostled about on the bridge, hurtling themselves into props.

'Trapezoid' is an enjoyable evening out for sci-fi aficionados ... who don’t get out much.

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