Complete with such time honored classics as “Howdy Doody” and “Flash Gordon,” Hiya Kids!!: A ’50s Saturday Morning offers no shortage of nostalgia. In a forgotten era when only three networks competed for viewers on the still untested medium, production budgets were miniscule. The shows, however, were no less imaginative.

Each Saturday morning those archaic bubble screens transmitted black and white images of sock puppets and marionettes, cowboys named Buffalo Bob and clowns named Clarabelle, Midwestern backdrops painted with a brush and easel and alternate universes strung together by wire.

And who can forget the characters? The Annie Oakleys, the Roy Rogers, the Lassies. Lassie alone became the face of countless movies and spin-off shows.

Granted, the humor is tame by today’s standards but never without its familiarity. It was the “Golden Age” of television, after all. Programs were held to a certain code of ethics. The rebellious decade that followed would change all that.

Grade: A

Hiya, Kids!!: A ’50s Saturday Morning will be available May 6.