Todd Haynes’ latest is an attempt to encapsulate the many personas of an ever-evolving artist by casting several actors to play the man at different stages of his life. The result is a flawed but artful alternative to the cliché-ridden genre of celebrity biopics.

Young folk hero Dylan is played by Christian Bale, speed-addled pre-crash Dylan by Cate Blanchett and troubled divorce-era Dylan by Heath Ledger. These scenes form a mosaic that attempts to capture Dylan’s figurative evolution from the catalytic spirit akin to Woody Guthrie to the outlaw legend living in hiding.

This framing device doesn’t totally work as the glue with which Haynes attempts to hold the fractured narrative together. But it’s still a fascinating attempt to shed light on the life’s journey of a legendary artist, and a treat for the Dylan devotee. Others, however, may just be perplexed. The DVD comes loaded with extras.

Grade: A-

I’m Not There is currently available.