Patrick Dempsey is Tom, a wealthy playboy with a ton of misogynistic rules for dating. Michelle Monaghan is Hannah, an Ivy League-educated art restorer who can smell a line of b.s. from a mile away.

Made of Honor is one of only a handful of romantic-themed comedies released within the past few years that really works. At the core of its success is amazing chemistry between its principle characters.

Dempsey truly comes alive as the bad-boy-turned-good. Monaghan is well cast, also. She’s the kind of woman that other women root for because she’s real.

Sure, the plot is a predictable one. Don’t go to this film expecting a huge break in the romantic comedy formula.

Also, there are characters that the movie could have certainly done without. But the combination of sex appeal, surprisingly hilarious moments and universal themes form a perfect union for fans of this genre.

Grade: A-

Made of Honor is currently in theaters.