Just when ’60s psychedelia was reaching its grand finale, a slew of recent live dates reminded Vietnam War-era and new wave hippies of the decade nobody (sobers excused) remembers. Roger Waters’ recent headlining Coachella slot revisited the irreplaceable Dark Side of the Moon performance, but it’s Canada’s Caribou that is modernizing classic psychedelic rock with a heavy, yet healthy, dose of electronica.

Caribou is undoubtedly a one-man show, with vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/ringleader Dan Snaith taking charge throughout the night. If this guy had more hands, he’d play a full-band show alone.

There’s no denying Snaith’s unlimited talent, unabashedly switching from keyboards, vocoder, guitar and sometimes flute with ease, all the while going at it in a head-to-head drum battle with his touring drummer.

While at times drowned out by the noisy crowd during breakdowns, Caribou’s live rendition from Snaith’s latest, Andorra, breathed new, raw energy into a classic sound that is rapidly disappearing.