Cereal for lunch or dinner no longer means you’re po’ and broke. Finally, it’s now socially acceptable, and even hip, to eat it any time we want. Two new cereal bars have popped up in Los Angeles, so check them out and get your milk and Cocoa Puffs on.

JuJu Cereal Bar

1248 Westwood Blvd., Westwood

(310) 474-8571; www.jujucerealbar.com

Cereal has saved many college students from starving to death, so opening up a café devoted to the breakfast fave in Westwood is a smart move. This comfortable and cozy bar feels like home, complete with kitchen-style blue tile and never-ending rows of cereal box favorites like Cap’n Crunch and Lucky Charms. However, I doubt your kitchen has 60 different kinds of cereal, 50 unique toppings and 16 kinds of milk/yogurt hidden inside your cabinets and fridge.

The standard Juju Bowl ($5.25) comes with two cereal scoops (don’t be scared – mix it up!), three mix-ins (choose from fruits, sweets and drizzles) and your “pour” choice (chocolate, strawberry and banana milk are available.)

Starving? The Big Bowl for $11.50 gives you six whopping cereal scoops and six toppings. If you finish this monster, you’ll be immortalized in Juju’s Big Bowl Club.

For something guaranteed to hit the spot, try one of their mixes. The Jrilla – a chocolatey combination of Cocoa Pebbles, Coco Puffs, bananas, peanut butter, almonds and banana milk – is popular and could either be the perfect meal or a decadent dessert. Also worth a try is a bran, Special K, strawberries, bananas and yogurt chips concoction called the Brangelina.

With so many kinds of cereal combinations, even co-owner Young Chang has a hard time deciding: “These are all kind of our creations, so I can’t really be partial.” Trust us, it’ll be like choosing your favorite child.


513 Rose Ave., Venice

(310) 396-2333; www.veniceflake.com

A surfboard emblazoned with the word “Flake” at the front door will welcome you to this little corner beach café. Reminiscent of a beach shack or a retro ’70s kitchen, it’s wall-to-wall with framed cereal box covers that make for hip pop art Warhol wishes he did first.

While it may be the cereal and breakfast fare that attracts an artsy and intellectual Venice crowd immersed in their laptops and books, it’s also Flake’s sunny and laidback vibe that persuades them to want to spend hours in here. Besides cereal, they also have lunch paninis and other breakfast items that are served until 3 p.m. The Fatty – turkey, avocado and swiss on a warm bagel – is also a filling, scrumptious breakfast. The Croissan-wich Jones ($5.75) is also super delicious. It has Applewood smoked bacon, cheese and egg on a fluffy, buttery croissant that may not sound too healthy, but just remember that we burn more calories in the a.m. anyway. For something healthier, Flake offers a variety of specialties that include the Sambazon Acai Bowl ($6.25), frozen blended Acai with vegan hemp granola, as well as plenty of healthy cereals.

Cereal here is the ultimate dessert; after your savory breakfast sandwich, cleanse your palette with a bowl. The Basic Bowl ($4.75) gives you two scoops of any kind of cereal, two toppings and your choice of milk. (However, I suggest that choosing almond milk is a million times better than regular.)

Your childlike heart will yearn for heaping scoops of sugary nostalgic cereal like Trix or Frosted Mini Wheats, while your sensible adult mind will urge you to eat health-conscious Flax Plus or Total. But the beauty of it all is that you can mix it up and have the best of both worlds.