A passive-aggressive housekeeper, Katherine O’Hara (Jacqueline Schultz) takes a job working for the tough, cantankerous English Literature/Music Appreciation teacher, Jacob Brackish (Joseph Ruskin), who flunked her many years ago.

Brackish had also flunked her mother, father and husband. Yet he has no recollection of O’Hara or her late husband; but he does have fond memories of her mother.

The interconnectivity of the two characters pushes past the willing suspension of disbelief. It’s hard to imagine that O’Hara would take a job with the man she loathed. The coincidences abound.

The plot is similar to 'Trying,' a play about a belligerent judge who takes on a meek secretary. 'Park Your Car in Harvard Yard' is trying to be 'Trying,' but just ends up being trying.

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