In the Elizabethan tradition, men played women’s roles on the London stage. Edward Kynaston (a pitch-perfect Michael Traynor) was heralded as one of the best.

In the 1660s, it was illegal for women to perform, but King Charles II (Jaxon Duff Gwillim) overturns the law for his mistress Nell (Rachel Avery). Margaret Hughes (Tracie Lockwood) becomes the first woman to trod the boards, and an intense rivalry forms between Hughes and Kynaston, both playing the role of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s 'Othello.'

Kynaston suffers slings and arrows as a queen unable to give up drag, while Hughes suffers her own indignities when she discovers that younger, more talented women are coming up through the ranks.

Dedicated Anglophiles and avid theatergoers will be delighted by this marvelous production.

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