Call it alt-country, Americana or rustic folk-pop, but Portland, Ore. trio Amelia delivers a convivial collection of sophisticated twang on the group’s third album, A Long, Lovely List of Repairs. Teisha Helgerson, Jesse Emerson and Scott Weddle balance sadness and strength, the bittersweet against hope, and layer those emotions with subtle, stripped-down but graceful arrangements.

Helgerson’s vocals, somewhere between PJ Harvey and Margo Timmins, whisper-bites through noirish “Tragedy,” where she sings about moving beyond life’s quiet desperations. Elsewhere, drums brush delicately and piano eludes as Helgerson voices her declaration of independence on “After You.”

A Long, Lovely List of Repairs has a soft-focus trajectory that fans of the Cowboy Junkies or Lisa Germano will appreciate, while others may find the proceedings too reposed.

Grade: B

A Long, Lovely List of Repairs is currently available.