Average. Average. Average. Are they even trying any more? Sometimes it feels like Hollywood churns out romantic comedies in an assembly line factory.

Take a leading lady from a previous hit (Katherine Heigl, Knocked Up), give her a kooky best friend (Judy Greer, previously kooky in 13 Going on 30), a bad-for-her love interest (Ed Burns, previously bad-for-her in The Holiday) and a good-for-her love interest (James Marsden, slumming in a role that attempts to downplay his toothpaste-smile-Abercrombie-and-Fitch perfection) and just add water.

It’s not that 27 Dresses is terrible. It’s just so disheartening to watch a movie that feels like a Paint By Numbers of a facsimile of an idea. It feels ... average.

Grade: C

27 Dresses is currently available.