In the wake of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, the American public was formally warned of global warming and its horrific affects. In the film, Mr. Gore was quick to blame humans for increasing sea levels and rising global temperatures. However, the former vice president and longtime environmentalist neglected to spend any considerable amount of time offering solutions.

Now comes A Global Warning?, the History Channel’s supplement to the seemingly endless number of fire and brimstone premonitions produced since. And much like its predecessors, this documentary chooses to regurgitate old information rather than offer long-term solutions.

Presumably speaking, most Americans have already been enlightened to the damning affects of global warming. We know the world is becoming hotter and wetter. We know that our ravenous consumption of fossil fuels is to blame. We know we are the problem.

Where A Global Warming? and the others fail is in telling us how to fix it.

Grade: D

A Global Warning? is currently available.