Literally, The Best Language Book Ever is actually pretty dang funny. The author, Paul Yeager, would probably decry my use of the non-word “dang” or the redundant “actually.” And yet I will not detract them if only for the pleasure I would have to hear him steam about it.

The book fills nearly 200 pages of Yeager’s vitriolic attacks against mistakes, grammatical and logical, made in everyday speech. He also makes a thorough catalogue of annoying words and phrases commonly put to use.

Word combinations like “close proximity” or “best ever” are ridiculed for their redundancy. Hackneyed phrases are exposed, i.e. “Whatever floats your boat.” Only Yeager has taken the time to point out the obvious that water floats everyone’s boat.

His bitter commentary over seemingly trivial points is surprisingly refreshing. Someone needed to write this book. The least we can do for a debt of gratitude is go out and get it.

Grade: A

Literally, The Best Language Book Ever is currently available.