How She Move is probably the most underrated film of the year (so far). It tells the story of a hardworking young step dancer, Raya, who must return home from her expensive prep school when her parents can no longer afford the tuition.

Home is the mean streets of inner city Toronto. It is also the stomping grounds to some of the hottest step dancers. In order to earn much needed cash, she joins up with a crew to compete in an annual competition.

The dance scenes are fantastic, especially those featuring star Rutina Wesley as Raya. The film showcases a lot of non-actors and it can be felt in their performances. Oddly enough, this only adds to the feeling of authenticity.

The story of people struggling to reach a dream is something we can all relate to. Special features on the DVD only enrich an appreciation for this excellent and totally inspiring movie.

Grade: A+

How She Move is currently available.