Studios love their promotional reissues, and with the fourth Indiana Jones on its way, the fact that a special edition box set was released only a few years ago won’t stop them from throwing in a few new extras and calling it a definitive edition.

Included in this set are: modern featurettes, which cover the women of Indy reminiscing; Lucas, Spielberg and writers discussing character creation; behind the scenes looks at some of the special effects; a modern day travel through some of the filming locations; storyboard breakdowns of several sequences. Also featured are sneak peaks at the fourth film, including the cast/crew’s reminiscences of the original trilogy.

This set does not contain the comprehensive documentary included in the previous set. And there are still no commentary tracks.

Is it worth replacing? Probably not. But if you don’t already own these adventure classics, this slim-case release is a worthy purchase.

Grade: A-

Indiana Jones: The Adventure Collection is currently available.