The Night Marchers is the latest outlet for the rockin’ good music that rattles around in the mind of John “Speedo” Reis; he of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and Rocket From the Crypt fame. RFTC has been defunct for several years now, but that band’s fans can find some solace here; The Night Marchers bang out that same kind of ballsy pub-rock except without the horn section. Among the best cuts are the ferocious “I Wanna Deadbeat You,” making its point with a pummeling non-stop chorus of the song title, and “Jump in the Fire” where Reis is not only recovered from the brawl but ready for whatever else comes his way. “You’ve Got Nerve” simmers in Memphis soul, and the song is not the only departure from the overall tenor of the album for “Panther in Crime” Reis channels the Brit-rock sound of Graham Parker.

Grade: B

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