The people that brought you dreamy Conor Oberst, the Faint and red-haired chanteuse Jenny Lewis are back with another instant-classic offering: Elephant Shell by Tokyo Police Club.

This incendiary 11-track disc boasts some of the best work from a Canadian group since the Broken Social Scene began recording.

Elephant Shell is ripe with a cavalcade of up-tempo, melodic tunes set against a backdrop of pounding and danceable percussion. Indie rock never sounded so good.

Emo lyrics that might normally elicit an eye-roll or two (“You’re my cave and I’ve been hiding out”) are sung with a sly whine from lead singer Dave Monks. His vocals are the perfect twist of lemon to an already refreshing drink of water.

The guitars jangle and lilt much in the same way that ’80s New Wave did. Meanwhile, each song’s bass line shoots through speakers with an unforgiving and penetrating roar.

Grade: A

Elephant Shell is currently available.