Somewhere in a Mar Vista shop workers are whipping up 100-percent junk free, animal friendly bath and body products. The result: the wonderful world of Soaptopia.

The brand boasts rich and creamy body balms like Vanilla Nice Cream, big bars of soap named Red Hot Lover, Sage Against the Machine and Blue Velvet, oils titled Rosemary’s Other Baby and subLIME coconut and citrus soaps called Electric Citrus Cool Test. The Persian Lemon Rosemary soap smells good enough to eat, like a Lemonhead.

So far this year, the soapsters have set up a booth at Splash! A Celebration of Mermaids and the Sea (April 19), the California Poppy Festival (April 19-20), Earth Day 2008 at Universal Studios (April 26) and the Santa Monica Art Festival (May 10).

Soaptopia will have a booth at Topanga Days May 24-25. For more information, visit