“MST3K” was the much beloved series about the guy trapped in space with his robot friends and forced to watch excruciating sci-fi movies as some sort of vague experiment. You know, with the shadow puppets down at the corner of the screen making wise cracks and references you only understand half of.

Although they didn’t really do much to expand on the TV show with their feature-film debut, MST3K: The Movie plays like a really solid episode and is a great place to start for anyone unsure of where to begin delving into the show’s huge back catalogue.

The movie: 1955’s This Island Earth, a sci-fi extravaganza of bad alien costumes, cheesy space ship effects and deplorable acting – perfect fodder for Mike, Crow and Tom Servo. Your stomach will hurt from laughing so hard. Why make fun of bad movies when much funnier people can do it for you?

Grade: A

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie is currently available.