The word dystopia is defined as “a place where everything is very bad” or “a vision of a bad place.” This title is the complete opposite of what the Midnight Juggernauts’ debut album encompasses.

The trio based out of Melbourne, Australia mesh indie rock with psychedelic synth-driven electronica, conjuring the whimsical atmospheric sound of space itself. With the recent success of electro-rock acts like the Rapture, Hot Chip and Cut Copy, the Midnight Juggernauts should be able to hold their own with Dystopia, shaping an entirely new genre within the already existing one.

The deep vocals, thick bass and flowing synths on the first single, “Shadows,” could easily be mistaken for a collaboration between Justice and David Bowie, while the title track and “Aurora” have Pink Floyd’s signature sound and feel written all over them.

Grade B+

Dystopia is currently available.