Listen and learn, folks. The Morning Benders have mastered the art of creating delightful, memorable and fun tunes.

Sadly they missed their day; in the ’60s, a label bidding war would have broken out over such a fantastic offering to the music world. But make no mistake, there are enough modern components here to draw in audiences of all generations.

The album begins strong with the lilting opener “Damnit Anna,” and from there, never lets up, offering an endless parade of the same brilliance. “Patient Patient” is a meandering little number with witty lyrics, while “Crosseyed” is a bittersweet and strangely heart-wrenching folk tune.

“Waiting For a War” is clearly the album’s shining glory, its melody dancing playfully over a tinkling piano line and the Hammond organ that ushers in the triumphant chorus. And let’s not forget the tongue-in-cheek sway of “Boarded Doors,” yet another lesson in cohesive songwriting. The Morning Benders are off to a remarkable start.

Grade: A+

Talking Through Tin Cans is currently available.