I’m a sucker for a good pop group with a female singer. Give me a band like the Cardigans, Ivy or Tegan & Sara, and I’m good.

The first time I heard the Submarines’ tandem of Blake Hazard and Jack Drag on their debut single, “Peace and Hate,” I fell in love. The first song from their new release, “Submarine Symphonika,” reminds me of that fun, pop sound I heard on their first single.

However, the rest of the album is dull, repetitive and unadventurous. Hazard’s smooth, creamy vocals carry a few songs, but most of the tracks blend into each other. Drag’s vocals can be a bit jarring and are too prominent on the album, as I prefer my boy/girl tandems to be more girl, less boy (see Rilo Kiley).

Grade: B-

Honeysuckle Weeks is currently available.