Pot, marijuana, cheeba, skunk – call it what you want, but the smell forever lingers and the sky’s the limit depending on its potency. Potheads will forever connect on a level that others will not understand.

For example, what’s so great about the number 420? If you’re a true smoker of the “cheeba cheeba,” then you should already know, but if you’re not, then I suggest picking up Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life, by stoner authors Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom, which takes an in-depth look into the subculture of marijuana smokers.

No swishers? No pipe? No worries. This book also gives instructions on how to make a smoking device out of an apple or a soda can.

The life and language of a pothead is explained in detail. Pro-legalization celebrities like “America’s Next Top Model” winner Adrianne Curry, singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine are also featured, giving their thoughts on the substance. Also, Tommy Chong from the Cheech & Chong franchise provides the forward. For anyone who ever wanted to cop a feel of the stoner’s life, this book is the answer.

Grade: A

Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life is currently available.