The seminal third season of “SNL” had the Not Ready for Primetime Players really hitting their stride, with Bill Murray emerging as a true star in his first full season with the cast.

Now legendary moments include: Steve Martin’s King Tut, Martin and Dan Aykroyd’s Wild and Crazy Guys, the Killer Bees, the Coneheads, Murray’s Nick the Loungesinger and John Belushi’s Samurai. Plus, an appearance by Andy Kaufman.

Hosts include: Charles Grodin, Buck Henry, Chevy Chase, O.J. Simpson, Richard Dreyfuss and Michael Palin. Musical Guests: Jackson Browne, Ray Charles, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson.

Contrary to hyperbolic legend, the show was surprisingly hit-and-miss even back then. But this is still landmark television.

Grade: A

Saturday Night Live The Complete Third Season is currently available.