"Wait, let me get this straight. You’re telling me that I can own my very own soundtrack to an original angsty teen movie for only $13.98?"

"That’s right, Sandy. For the low, low price of about $13, you too can have your very own music to put to any of thousands of sad, meaningful teen movie moments!"

Avion’s newest self-titled release is an entire album of studio-polished, pop rock songs – the type that frequented radio airwaves a few years ago. Now they’re usually found in the background of a WB television show or at that crucial moment in teen chick flicks where the guy loses the girl (temporarily, of course) and either the guy or the girl goes wandering thoughtfully through town/nature/indoors – whichever applies.

Despite the feeling that you should be off having some kind of dramatic break with your significant other or crying one tear at a time while looking wistfully out a window, the album isn’t too bad. Songs like "Beautiful" and "Seven Days without You" absolutely embody this whole teen flick feeling, but in spite of that, they’re actually really good, catchy songs. While maybe not the most original of its genre, Avion puts up a pretty good fight.

Grade: C+

Avion’s self-titled album is currently available.