Carbuncle is a documentary style flick with an unexpected twist that follows a gifted director whose vision is filtered through the lens of Asperger Syndrome. It’s a trailer park drama about a developmentally disabled woman who is taken advantage of by her social worker.

Asperger is a syndrome on the autism spectrum. Those afflicted possess normal IQs and often-impressive talents, while at the same time showing tremendous difficulty interacting socially, expressing empathy or relating to topics outside of a limited field of interest.

Carbuncle gives a glimpse into this world through candid behind the scenes clips, which slowly reveal and interweave the plot of the film being made with the subplots of those making it. The film, which plays with the viewer, presents with impressive accuracy a manipulated reality most thoroughly appreciated once one understands the farce behind controversial filmmaker T. Arthur Cottam’s brilliant creation. See it for yourself and try to cull the fact from fiction.

Grade: A

Carbuncle releases in select theaters June 6-7, and June 27-28 at Echo Park Film Center (1200 N. Alvarado St., Los Angeles).