I was a fan of the series, not because of the cosmos and Manolos, but because the characters were real, their fabulousness derived from their flaws. The series became iconic since it showed imperfect people experiencing the ups and downs of life, like every other human being on the planet.

You need more than pretty clothes to make a character interesting. If you liked this aspect of the series, then the movie is for you – good people making bad decisions, then dealing with the fall out, just like real life.

This movie holds up well on its own, so “Sex” virgins won’t be completely lost. There are some references and in-jokes to events from the series, but those are minor details.

I won’t give away too many plot points, but you must like your comedy bittersweet. Real life is not just comedy or drama, it’s a combination of both; Sex and the City reflects that. It veered a little too much into melancholy-land for a bit, but it ended on a note of humor and hope.

Maybe I feel validated because I’ve had my own Big/Carrie relationship or maybe I’m feeling vulnerable, but one of the points of the film is that every relationship is different, and they’re all imperfect – all that matters is that you are happy with the one you’re with.

I left the theater with a feeling of relief, that I might find happiness in one of my screwed up relationships (or maybe in a screwed up relationship I don’t have yet). And isn’t that what we all want: to leave the theater with a sense of humor and hope.

Grade: B

Sex and the City is currently in theaters.