From the moment that the opening guitar pulse of the first song blares out of your speakers to the last feedback-laden cascade of the 16-minute finale, the Black Angels prove to be true psychedelia. This is not, however, psychedelia derived from Rubber Soul or even Are You Experienced. It is neither flowery nor aggressive, but rather dark and groovy, sonically wedged somewhere between the 13th Floor Elevators and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

The songs on this CD could easily be defined as drone rock as much as psychedelia, taking a conscious cue from the Velvet Underground (the band gets its name from the Velvets’ “Black Angel’s Death Song”). The sound is punctuated with sitar, organ and accents of tambourine, as well as an enigmatic “drone machine.” The songs “Science Killer” and “18 Years” both open with pulsing bass lines that burst open with reverb-saturated guitar and organ, reminiscent of the cavernous sound of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

Blood pulses through this psychedelia. Pick up Directions to See a Ghost for a welcome transfusion.

Grade: A

Directions to See a Ghost is currently available.