A story about a group of dancers attending an audition may have seemed an unlikely Broadway hit 30 years ago. It was, of course, a smash.

“A Chorus Line” broke all kinds of attendance records upon its sensational debut. The idea of telling about the lives of dancers in their own words in all its gory detail was revolutionary. The passion and heartbreak, moments of humiliation as well as inspiration were put to a musical score, and the result was something very special.

The latest revival, now playing at the Ahmanson Theatre, is very faithful to the spirit of the original show. One gets the creepy, but pleasing, sense of those wild ’n’ crazy ’70s.

Some of the subject matter, which must’ve been shocking back then, seems quaint by our standards. I’m thinking of the male dancers talking about homosexuality and the select use of profanity.

There’s still something deep to be felt in the confessions of the dancers, but it has lost a little punch. Yet the dancing itself still shines, making the show a thoroughly enjoyable spectacle.

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