Nikon COOLPIX S550; $229

The perfect gift for the father who wants to capture plenty of memories, the S550 allows for Smile Detection (The camera will only take a picture if the subject is smiling – how cool is that?) and Blink Warning (alerts you when someone in the photo blinked). The COOLPIX S550 also comes with 10 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, large LCD display, vibration reduction and is available in three colors.

iMuffs; $179.99

If your dad ever hits the gym or goes out jogging, he needs a pair of these. iMuffs are wireless headphones – ideal for getting rid of those short ear buds that come with the iPod (or just the messiness of wires with any other headphones). Best of all, the iMuffs provide quality stereo sound in addition to convenience.

Sharp Micro-Audio Shelf System; $159.99

The Sharp XL-DK257 provides powerful audio while allowing for various means to listen to the music. With a sleek CD player and iPod dock, your dad can listen to his favorite tunes, in whatever form they may come in.

Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters

A&E; $39.95

Whether your dad is the handiest man around, or if he consistently wrecks everything he touches and opts for calling the repairman, he’s sure to be entertained (or at least feel better about himself) with Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters, a look at some of history’s greatest engineering blunders and the consequences.

The Jewish Songbook

Shout! Factory; $15.98

For those fathers who like to laugh, The Jewish Songbook features some of today’s top Jewish stars like Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander, Max Weinberg, Rob Schneider, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and more. This musical and comedic album will surely get your dad in a good mood before you show him your final grades.


Fathers are busy people, so they may not always be able to plop down in front of the TV to catch their favorite shows. FLO TV allows for full-length programming from networks such as CBS, NBC, ESPN and Comedy Central to be viewed from one’s cell phone. If your dad is on the go a lot, this is the chance to let him catch up on some of the news or sports games that he’s missed.

Kindle, $399

Amazon’s Kindle is a wireless reading device that allows people to buy books online and read it on the screen. For those fathers who have studies already crammed full of books and are still yearning for more to read, the Kindle is a handy device – not only is everything in one compact space, the screen looks and reads like real paper. With a large library, free book samples and a long battery life, the Kindle will kindle your father’s book-engulfing passion.

Steinhausen Watch


These absolutely beautiful watches will not only help your dad keep track of the time, one will also complement his wardrobe nicely. Each movement is reproduced by hand, and it also comes with interchangeable brown and black leather wristbands.

Westchester Golf Course

6900 W. Manchester Ave.,?Los Angeles

(310) 649-9173;, $8 and up

If your dad’s into golf, why not take him for a day on the range? Westchester lets you play a round of gold at affordable prices. Clubs are available to rent here if he doesn’t already have a set of his own, and there are also cart rentals, putting greens and 80 driving range stalls.