The highlight of this collection is Stewart’s collaborations with Anthony Mann in what have been called “psychological westerns.” Winchester 73, Bend of the River and The Far Country show a different side of Stewart than his earlier work.

The characters he plays here, flawed frontier men, are more complex and display Stewart’s range as an actor far better than his usual “aw, shucks” persona. Though the collection is light on extras, Winchester does include an audio interview with Stewart that runs as a commentary track.

Destry Rides Again, from Hollywood’s legendary year of 1939, is a light western/comedy with Stewart in his typical persona. The film co-stars Marlene Dietrich in a career-reviving performance as a bar singer.

Two lesser films, Night Passage and Rare Breed feel more like throw-ins to a fine collection.

Grade: A-

James Stewart – The Western Collection is currently available.