The underlying concept of this film is fascinating. What happens when a person feels paralyzed, not physically, but emotionally, spiritually ... you get the picture.

They’re called “wannabes.” They meet in secret, able bodies perched on their wheelchairs, quietly moving their toes, and are afraid to “come out” to their loved ones about their secret obsession. Isaac Knott (Nick Stahl), a pubic radio reporter in New York, is a paraplegic who, at eight-years old was the sole survivor of a car accident that left both of his parents dead. The killer: an underage cheerleader.

He gets a tip from a source about a person who visited a hospital with a strange, possibly deranged, request: asking a doctor to amputate both of their totally fine legs.

Enter wannabe Fiona (a captivating Verma Farmiga), who as Knott declares, crashes into his life twice (hmm...). As their intense relationship bounces from love to hate, we try to understand their definitions of paralysis, and discover who is and who isn’t in fact physically paralyzed.

Grade: B-

Quid Pro Quo releases in select theaters June 13.