The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters under intense scrutiny. Could it possibly be worse than the Ang Lee/Eric Bana debacle of 2003? Will it honor the cherished memory of the ’70s classic? Will it do the comic book justice?

The Incredible Hulk is just that, incredible.

Edward Norton brings fierce intellect and unassuming charm to his rendition of Bruce Banner. While Lou Ferrigno (who appears in a delightful cameo and provides the voice of the Hulk) was muscular and lumbering whether he was the Hulk or Bruce, Norton’s slight frame making the transformation into a mean, green muscle machine is that much more tantalizing.

Hollywood’s new genre is the actor’s action film. Rather than relying on lame effects and mindless violence; nuance, vulnerability and mental prowess are the superpowers of Christian Bale’s Batman and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Add Norton’s Hulk and you have a new holy trinity of action heroes.

Grade: A-

The Incredible Hulk is currently in theaters.