Woody Allen’s latest comes to DVD – though you’d hardly know it was Woody. It’s a stab at classical tragedy: tempting the Fates, familial loyalty, betrayal, murder, blind ambition, tragic irony. But where films like Match Point and Crimes and Misdemeanors succeeded in mixing suspense and drama, this one misses the mark.

From the flat tone, lifeless direction and tone-def dialogue, it’s the least Woody-esque film to date. There are some genuinely suspenseful moments.

And Ewan McGregor does his best to coax some life out of the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, typically stalwart pros like Tom Wilkinson just seem uncomfortable.

It’s another entry into the continually frustrating cannon of perhaps the most prolific and uneven director in American film.

Grade: B-

Cassandra’s Dream is currently available.