First published in 1991, X-O Manowar is a somewhat silly comic by today’s standards. It follows a Visigoth warrior abducted by aliens and imprisoned for two thousand years, only to escape and steal their revolutionary smart armor. He subsequently declares war against their conspiracy to overthrow the Earth through an insidious corporation as he tries to return home.

Co-created by former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and artists Bob Layton and Jon Hartz, X-O has sold more than eight million books to date. The hokey concept is competently executed but isn’t exactly a classic.

Collected here for the first time are the first seven issues (including the prelude) in a digitally re-colored presentation. Plus, an all-new story, “The Rise of Lydia” by Layton.

Grade: B-

X-O Manowar: Birth is currently available.